Playlist: Merc Retro | Dec 18' Edition


Who really believes in this stuff? You know astrology?

I like to say, in shorty, if moon is connected to wave, then I must be connected to Saturn (Shrug emoji here.) I know you feeling all the weird feels in the air. How is your communication going through technology? Not so hot? Still haven’t gotten that vendor email after 72’ hrs? Its real out here.

According to bustle (For Capricorns)

“Mercury is going from your 12th house of the subconscious to your 11th house of friendships. You're going to want to figure out the best way to communicate with your community after you stop dwelling in freaking out about the unknown. Take care of those connections! They may need watering. You're the sort of person who will always challenge yourself, so try delving more into the intimacy you tend to be uncomfortable with.”

Well, I guess — Dear Friends, How can I help you?


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