Hillary Taught me

Hillary Taught me

We can all come to the general census, Trump is the president we have, but, All scandal and few political missteps aside, Secetary Hillary Rodham Clinton was the President we needed. HRC had the experience, temperament, and curiosity to build upon the progress of President Barack Obama. Within Her lied an optimism, that she could usher in a new America that looked more inclusive than divided.  With Her we could finally, present the United States as a sovereign state for feminism.

With the current climate of unrest in middle America, largely rumbling amongst white working class men, that need missed the mark. Middle America, is ready for a robust jobs agenda and increase in pay, which contrary to the downward spiral in our unemployment numbers, is still not yet a priority in our country. So while the call for change still rings from 2008, that change looks less like "women's rights are human rights," but instead, "bring back our jobs." From there we can conclude, right candidate, wrong time. 

Although we woke up the next morning, with the dream of the first female president proceeding the first black president, not actualized, HRC won the popular vote, affirming, yes we are ready for that change. So instead of seeing this as a moment of defeat, let's take this as a moment of great opportunity. From here we learn, educate, mobilize, and further build upon the path Obama and Clinton set out for us.

So what do we do?

Sexism is still very real, we have do work amongst ourselves for a remedy

 If its not men tearing women down, its women tearing other women down. We may never understand why, as women, we can be our biggest adveraries, especially on the path to complete our goals. As it stands, before we can be successful as a gender, we have to find a way to end the crab in the bucket syndrome (my solution: coming soon)

recognize quality employment is on the decline

 with the influx of technology, and the now cliché but very real truth, jobs are going overseas, jobs that would build upon the middle class are on the decline, leaving the rust belt, and coal country fighting for the few industrial, blue collar jobs left. So we have to find a way to support from the bottom up - college alternatives, trade work training, support local business; these directly affects those who feel disenfranchised by the current job market.


let's make things work for us. Let's mobilize to provide services and voices for those around us that are in need. Let's put pressure on the local level officials, to make things work for us. Get to know the local officials in office, and those running for office. Being vigilant at the lower level, has a direct influence on our everyday lives. We have to hold poorly performing officials accountable. Let’s also not forget to support planned parenthood, ACLU, etc. As they are putting up the fight on capital hill, for us all, as well as providing services that we need to continue to achieve a balanced quality of living. 




Book Notes: The 4 Agreements by Don Miquel Ruiz

Book Notes: The 4 Agreements by Don Miquel Ruiz